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Calculation of average charge and frequency of corrosion events

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Fig 10.0 The average charge of corrosion events is calculated  from the low frequency values of current and potential power spectral densities .


The calculation of the frequency of corrosion events 'f' is performed for each segment by the following equation

 f =   ICORR  / q                                                                   (Equation 2.0 )  


       f  =   B2  / VPSD                                                                (Equation 3.0 )


Where 'VPSD' is the low-frequency values of potential power spectral density, ICORR  is the corrosion current, q is the charge and B is the Stearn-Geary coefficient. The low frequency value of the potential power spectral density is obtained averaging a number of points in the low-frequency end of the potential and current power spectral density spectra. The number of points for such average can be selected in the preference window.