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Comparing results

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ECN Analysis 1.0  allows comparison of Impedance (obtained by FFT Method) , Resistance (obtained by Variance), Charge and the Frequency of corrosion events by loading multiple ECN  results files in the comparison table.  Generally, only files generated using the same processing parameters should be compared. ECN Analysis 1.0 will issue a warning message, if two files processed using different parameters are compared, but  it allows to continue with comparison. Only files stored in ECN format can be compared using this method ( Please see 'Saving your first Result ( ECN) ' ).


To compare results go to the ' Compare' menu.





1. Open your first file for comparison


If no files are in comparison , only 'Open Main'  will be  active in the menu. Once the main file  is in memory, the software allows you to open the second file. The software responds to your request by displaying a file open dialog box.If the file has not been generated by ECN Analysis 1.0, it will display an error message and the file will not be loaded. If the file is loaded successfully, the Impedance, Resistance, Charge and frequency of events graphs are displayed.



errorecn noterror

Figure 29 : If user tries to open non ECN file the software             Figure 30: If Software finds a Signature of ECN type it shows this

                displays an Error message .                                                               message box.






Figure 31. The  Comparison tab of ECN Analyser 1.0  Upto 3 results can be compared using this functionality.


2. Open Your Second file for comparison



Once an ECN file is in memory the software allows you to open the second file , this can be done using  'compare' -> file 2 .





On successful loading the software updates the graphs with the content of the second file.The various parameters can be compared at this time.




Figure 32. The  Comparison tab of ECN Analyser 1.0  Upto 3 results can be compared using this functionality.


3. Opening the third file for comparison


The third file can also be loaded, in the same way as the second file, by going into   'compare '-> file3.


4. Clearing the graphs


The content of file2 or file3 can be cleared individually. ( For this use either 'Compare'->clear2 or 'Compare'->clear3 ).  To clear the main file you have to clear all the graphs. This can be done by going into 'compare' ->clear all.