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Files Supported by this Converter

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The Converter  software can differentiate between different  file formats but the user has to manually select the type of electrochemical setup/potentiostat  using the radio button provided. If the choich is incorrect, the converter will not proceed with the conversion and display an error message. In all cases the original file is not be altered.




To maximize flexibility, in addition, the converter supports 'text' or 'csv' formats. This feature is included  so that  user  can  manually generate an ECN data file using Excel software and saving it either as a 'text' or 'csv' ( comma delimited file )



1. Excel (text)

2. Excel (csv)



Your electrochemical setup is not listed in ECN Converter 1.0? No Problem


As long as you can copy-paste your data in an Excel worksheet you can generate a file that can be read by ECN Converter 1.0. In order to prepare your file, copy time in seconds in column A, current in Amperes in column B and potential in Millivolts in column C and save the worksheet as "text" or "csv" files.

You can now apply the converter to the "txt" or "csv" file and generate a file suitable for ECN Analysis 1.0.



Time (Sec)         Current (Amperes )               and Voltage (Millivolt's).



Table 4.0 Format supported by ECN Converter and ECN Analyser.