IconECN Analysis 1.0 Manual
IconAlgorithams used in this software
IconSegmentation of the original dataset
IconCalculation of potential and current power spectral densities
IconCalculation of noise impedance spectra
IconAveraging of noise impedance spectra
IconCalculation of the low-frequency noise impedance
IconCalculation of average charge and frequency of corrosion events
IconCalculation of noise resistance
IconGraphical Representation of the calculation algoritham
IconSelection of processing parameters
IconFFT Length
IconFFT window
IconSampling interval
IconSpectra Average
IconPoints Average for Low Frequency Limit
IconStern-Geary Coefficient
IconSkip iterations betwen saved spectra
IconSegmenst Overlap %
IconProcessing Speed
IconECN Analysis Software - Quick Start Guide
IconProcessing your first file
IconSaving your first Result (ECN)
IconSaving your first Result (Other)
IconComparing results
IconEditing charts
IconSaving and Plotting the spectra
IconECN Converter Software - Quick Start Guide
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IconWhy a Converter
IconFiles Supported by this Converter
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